In my past two houses, I really tried to have a bird feeder. It is a calming thing to me to have these little creatures flitting to and fro seeming not to have a care in the world. But they just wouldn’t come. So when I put up my not so new bird feeder at this new house, I was thrilled when one by one the birds started coming. First sparrows arrived, then a nuthatch or two. Chickadees and finches soon followed. And today I even saw two woodpeckers approach.

But most of the time, it’s just sparrows. Plain and brown. That is kind of how I have seen myself a lot of time. Plain Jane (that’s even my middle name). There is nothing so fancy about me, no special red on my head, like the woodpecker. I can’t eat upside down like the nuthatch. I have no striking color contrast like the chickadee. But the sparrows are always there, and I am noticing a bit more of their personality. They can be territorial and grumpy. They get puffed up and full of themselves. Well, maybe my analogy gets a little lost there. But they do puff up. And that reminds me that I puff myself up too. They like to eat (guilty as charged). And they like company. There are so many of them and again, so normal, so average, so plain… just like me.

I think Jesus thought them ordinary too. In Matthew chapter 10, he said that they are sold two for a penny. That’s not very valuable in a worldly sense. But He doesn’t see things the way we do. He goes on to say in verse 28 of that chapter that not one of them will fall to the ground outside the will of the Father. He says that the sparrows matter to Him. And how much more do we, the pinnacle of creation, matter. He counts the very hairs on our head! He sent his Son to die on the cross so that His children could be washed clean and share in the righteousness of the Perfect One. Why? Why this sparrow? The only thing I can do in response is worship.