I Will Wait for You…Satisfied

There is nothing on this earth that will satisfy our hearts. I thought I knew this, that this was one of those 1+1 lessons that I had down pat. But I am continuing to learn that in his graciousness, if there is something that you are seeking here to give you your greatest joy, God may see fit to deny you of it, because he has something better in mind for you. As Thomas Boston, a Scottish pastor from the sixteenth century says,

“Tell me, how will you be made fit for heaven? By the warm sunshine of the world’s ease and by getting your way here? No. That would just put your mouth out of taste for the joys of the other world.”

“Where has God emptied your left hand of some earthly comfort? Stretch out your right hand to God in Christ, take hold of Him, and welcome Him.”

I will wait for you…