Bom Pai

It caught me off guard. Maybe it was because they were the few words that I understood out of the mass of Portuguese, or maybe I stopped trying to understand because those jumped out at me. “Good Father.” I know that to be true. He has shown me in so many ways His care for me and His mercy to me. But, there are still times that I forget. I think I am missing something. I think that things should be different. I think I know better.

When we come before God in prayer, so often it is with high sounding words. Almighty and Everlasting God… Omnipotent and Holy One… Lord of Hosts… Alpha and Omega… Risen Son… The Bright and Morning Star… Gracious and Merciful… Lord of Heaven and Earth…  All these titles are right and true, and it is so important to see God as such.

But He is also my Glory and the Lifter of my head (Psalm 3:3) And when I lift my eyes and see Him, I realize that He is also my Bom Pai. My Good Father. When I come to Him as such, I can trust that the things that I leave in His hands are well taken care of.


Photo by Derek Thomson on Unsplash