Welcome to my Gathering Place

You are ever so welcome here. I pray it is a place where we are encouraged to be in God’s word, where our faces are turned upward, and our hearts lightened.

I’m Pam, a pilgrim, and a struggling sheep. I wander often. (Oh Lord, bind my wandering heart to Thee!) I get lost in the wilderness of sin and need sustainment. Thus this blog. I set out to gather manna daily, the manna that is sustenance from God’s word, the Bible. Without it, I wither. I want to meditate on the Lord’s law that I might be like a tree planted by streams of water that yields its fruit in season. I love to sing. I love my family. I love my church. But most of all, I love my Lord. And it’s to honor Him that I strive to live my life.

I am a military spouse. We have just recently moved into our 19th house. So I attempt to create a home wherever we may be, while at the same time revel in being a modern-day nomad. I have had the privilege and joy of worshiping with a diversity of the worldwide church and realize that my way isn’t always the only or best way.

At the moment my husband and I live in South Carolina. We have three grown children all married to wonderful people so my time is mostly taken up with a perfectly adorable, yet psychotic, cockapoo named Phoebe.


We are weary. We spend our days running and chasing all the things that the world tells us we need to fulfill, to satisfy, to make worthwhile.  Things get pushed at us: on social media, on television, in our email inboxes. We get dumped on a lot and it takes no effort at all. Most of the day is in reception mode.

GATHERING is active and takes effort. It takes focus and energy. It takes being deliberate. But oh is it worthwhile.

We need to be GATHERING with other people, not online, but face to face, being in fellowship and in worship with God’s people.

What should we be GATHERING?  Manna – God’s word, daily and purposefully reading and then chewing on what has been read.

GATHERING costs us time which is so very precious, but the rewards reaped are great. It costs us energy, but we come away rejuvenated and refreshed because we come away with a greater portion of Christ, the Bread of Life.

I have treasured the words of his mouth more than my portion of food.

Job 23:12b